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Three Poems
by J. D. Nelson

oh, all right

we can see that movie again.
it's been playing in a loop
in my head
& I know it by heart.
I've picked up on all of
the more subtle symbolism --
no one wants to hear the expert,
but he won't believe that.
I just keep bumming
french fries
off of girls
who would never go out
w/ me
but would like their lovers
to be as sensitive & brilliant
as I am.
I'm a crazy man --
I write numbers on napkins.
tell me that this
isn't the best ketchup, ever!

unemployment poem

soup scent:
bee line
to my frozen

dog shit dessert cart
unfolding before my eyes
by the column inch

how can you have
any pudding if
you don't beat
the street?


I found some grass.
I watched the Raiders
beat the Chiefs -- barely!

I had a spicy sandwich
& Mexi-bake
for dinner.

I washed it down
with two glasses of
apple-carrot juice.

I crowned myself king
of the cookies.

The rest of you
are just insane --

red-eyed babies
huddling in America's
phone booths.

No money
for Slurpees --

About the author:
J. D. Nelson's poems have appeared in many print and online publications, including 'The Best of the Dream People Poets' chapbook. Visit his website for more information.

© 2011 Word Riot

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